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Engage HEI 2016

University of Central Lancashire,
Westleigh Conference Centre, PR4 0RB
19th & 20th May 2016

Conference Themes

  1. Engaged Scholarship
    The notion of ‘engaged scholarship’ has become popular as a means of pursuing research that is relevant, rigorous and impactful. Papers are invited to explore, for example, what this term actually means; how can the approach be implemented; what difference does it make, and to whom?
  2. The impact of university-business collaboration
    Papers are invited to explore, for example, what is the impact of these relationships and what does it mean in theory and practice; how does each inform and influence the other?
  3. The Role of HEIs as anchor institutions
    The concept of ‘anchor institutions’ is being used to understand the role of place-based institutions on the communities and economies in which they are located. Papers are invited to explore, for example, how does this concept talk to initiatives such as the Northern Powerhouse, Enterprise Zones and the increase of devolution; what is the role of HEIs as anchor institutions and the impact and engagement with their communities?
  4. Knowledge exchange in practice
    Papers are invited to provide case studies, success stories, best practice and lessons learnt of engaged scholarship, the impact of research and knowledge exchange and business engagement

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